what does it cost

Once you join the SunClub Rewards program as a SunClub retailer or merchant we will assist with the API integration connecting your POS system to our SunClub member data base at no cost. Or we will provide a programmed 10” wi-fi tablet with bar code reader as part of our package for processing the issuance and redemption of points. Alternatively a laptop or desktop computer can be used.

Once you have made your initial point purchase at $0.025 per point those points are then placed in your SunClub Point Bank account. Once your balance approaches zero your balance will be automataically topped up in order to keep your program live and active. When a SunClub member redeems points there is a 1.95% processing fee with the balance credited to your point account.

In addition there is a monthly administration fee of $99 which contributes to our marketing costs to continually expand and grow our network of members through our various advertising/marketing and social media campaigns.

There is no cost to be included within our regular newsletter emails to our membership data base where specials can be featured. Co-op advertising campaigns will be available to retailers that wish to advertise their company as well as the SunClub Rewards Program through TV, Radio and Newspapers campaigns.

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