how it works
Manage your SunClub Program Easily from your SunClubPointBank Account

SunClub Rewards is a risk free solution to businesses and costs nothing upfront to get started. Once you join the program it will be necessary to integrate your POS system to access the SunClub membership data base via our API interface which is easy to connect with most systems. Alternatively businesses can access and administer the entire SunClub Reward program via a small 10” wi-fi tablet and bar code reader or on their laptop or desktop computer.

When a member of the public joins SunClub Rewards they will receive a plastic membership card which contains their unique membership number, their name and how long they have been a member. On the back there is a bar code of the membership number and a magnetic strip where the membership number is encoded onto tracks one and two. This allows the card to work on virtually all POS systems.

When a SunClub member makes a purchase you simply swipe the card, use a bar code reader or manually enter the membership number and the amount of the transaction. The SunClub member receives their SunClub Reward points which will be posted to their account that evening. The opposite then works for redemption of SunClub points for purchases. At the end of each day redemption of any SunClub Reward points will be credited directly to your bank account less a small processing fee.

And that's not all. SunClub Rewards works hard for its business partners. Through incentive referral and e-mailings, social media and advertising programs, SunClub Rewards is constantly building membership for the benefit of all partners.

Bring the unique benefits of Canada's Newest Loyalty Rewards Program to your business.
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