Eat, drink, shop, travel - Be rewarded

Earn points. Your choice - instant redemption, cash back or collect with interest

Over 350 Partners at SUNCLUBMALL.COM

3 simple steps to start your rewarding journey!

Step 1: Sign up as SunClub Rewards member


Step 2: Shop online at SunClubMall.com

Earn SunClub points through your everyday spending such as booking your vacations, dining at partner restaurants, and online shopping at over 350 retail partners.

Step 3: Enjoy your benefits & perks!

  • Points are liquid Cash! Collect them and your points earn interest (2% compounded monthly) while planning your next vacation or redeem them as payment at local member stores, shops and restaurants or request a prepaid VisaCard!
  • 100% transparency: 1 SunClub point = $0.015 per point. (ie) 1000 points = $15.00. Redeem for travel - No Blackouts, No restrictions, Hassle-Free.
  • Be first to be informed on latest travel, cruise & vacation deals!
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Get it on Google Play

You can even ‘double dip’ for reward points with most cruise lines, airline programs and credit cards!

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