How It Works

How It Works

How do I become a SunClub member?

It's easy and FREE! Simply sign up at You will have two choices: 1)already have a SunClub Card (which means you probably acquired it at a retail merchant and you now have to activate it by signing up or 2) I do NOT have a SunClub Card – then you complete the information on the sign up form. If you do not already have a membership card your membership number will be issued as soon as you click on the email confirmation link that.we provide after you sign up.

What are the benefits of SunClub Rewards membership? Why should I join?

SunClub Rewards makes it easy for you to earn points towards your next vacation or for use at participating retail locations. You earn points for purchases in the SunClub Online Mall, as well as at participating retail locations, or by booking your next vacation with Points earned through shopping will vary depending on the merchant and the offer, but they can sure add up fast! Points are issued on every transaction. SunClub Reward points never expire, and earn monthly interest at rate of 2% per annum compounded monthly until you are ready to redeem. If you do not wish to make a travel purchase or redeem your points at one of our participating retail locations, you have the flexibility of redeeming your points by requesting a Prepaid VISA card, which you can use anywhere VISA is accepted.

If after making a purchase where SunClub points are issued and a member returns the merchandise for a credit, the SunClub points issued will be cancelled.

When can I start collecting points?

You can start collecting points as soon as you sign up! New members get bonus points upon signup. If you were given a Promo Code for bonus points you input the applicable Promo Code in that box on the sign up form. As soon as you get your new membership number, you can start building up your points simply by making everyday purchases with our affiliate merchants, or by booking travel with SunClub Vacations. When loggin in online you have the option of signing in with your membership number, email address or phone number. As well if you are visiting a member restaurant or other retailer partner and you don't have your membership card the merchant can access your account via your phone number.

Where can I use my SunClub Rewards card?

Use your SunClub Rewards membership to book your next holiday with You can also use your SunClub Rewards membership when you make purchases with our online affiliate merchants or at our brick and mortar merchants. Points earned through shopping will vary depending on the merchant and the offer, but they are earned on every transaction! The more you use your SunClub Rewards card, the more points you earn towards your next vacation. Members get regular e-newsletters with Bonus Point offers and special promotions, which increase your chances of earning points faster. Please note that when making purchases with SunClub Online Mall merchants, you MUST click and use the affiliate link provided online or in the e-newsletter sent to you. This is the only way we can track and credit your points after your purchase. If you do not click the direct link provided we are not able to credit your points as we are unable to track the purchase.

How much are my SunClub Rewards points worth?

Points earned through shopping will vary depending on the merchant and the offer and SunClub Reward points are earned on every transaction! Each SunClub Rewards point has a cash value of $0.015. (ex. 500 points = $7.50, 5000 points = $75.00.) Unused points earn monthly interest at a rate of 2% per annum.

How can I redeem my SunClub Rewards points?

Use your SunClub Rewards points for travel purchases booked through SunClub Vacations. Points for travel can also be applied towards taxes, fuel surcharges or airport fees up to the cash value of your points. If you are short you may pay the different with your credit card. If you do not wish to use your points for travel, you can present your membership card at a participating retail merchant and they will accept, up to the value of your point balance, that dollar amount as payment. Remember you must present your membership card and input your PIN number to complete the transaction. Or you may request a Prepaid VISA card which you have the flexibility to use wherever VISA is accepted. A minimum of $50 value in SunClub points is required for the issuance of a Prepaid VISA Card as well as enough points to cover the activation fees: $50 - $5.95, $75 - $6.50, $100 - $6.95, $150 - $7.50, $250 and above - $7.90

Can I buy points?

Of course you can! If you want to give the gift of travel, SunClub Rewards points may be purchased at $0.025 per point, payable by credit card. Please note that your intended recipient must already be a SunClub Rewards member. Points do not expire and earn monthly interest at a rate of 2% per annum until they are redeemed. There is a small administration fee charged on point purchases.

How do I view my transaction history?

Your current points balance and a list of your most recent transactions that have been posted can be viewed by clicking SIGN IN at the top of the homepage.

How long does it take to receive my SunClub Rewards points after a purchase?

The length of time varies by affiliate merchants and their time limits for merchandise returns and/or cancellations. Usually it takes 2-4 weeks to receive your rewards points and in many cases instantly for brick and mortar merchants. Points earned from SunClub Vacations bookings are credited after full payment is received for your holiday purchase and completion of your vacation.

If I book a family vacation, will I also receive points for my family members as well as my own?

Yes, you will receive SunClub Rewards points on the total amount spent (for each individual you paid for as well as yourself).

What if I lose my SunClub Rewards membership card?

Contact us right away should you lose your membership card. We will immediately cancel your card and issue a replacement.

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